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Analytics & Reporting

Have the data to know what’s going on at all times with your business technology, through Enterprise-Class Reporting and analytics.

Many businesses make important technology decisions blindly, or based on a gut feeling.

Zero visibility puts you in the position of making decisions where you guess. That means the technology department is dragging you down instead of propelling the business forward.

We provide you the visibility to comprehend what’s going on and make better informed strategic decisions.

Patching Compliance Reporting

How are we doing with our workstation and server patches? Are we meeting the minimum threshold?

Backup Compliance Reporting

Are backups completing successfully? Are all regular restores completed successfully? If not, exactly what's missing?

Network Performance Reporting

Understand how the network is performing. Performance-related issues. Internet maxing out.

Cloud Security Reporting

Office 365. Data loss prevention. Flagging scenarios where there is a potential security risk. Don't want data leaving the network.

Security & Threat Reporting

How many server & workstation threats have been remediated. Details about the type, timing, severity etc.

Service and Support Reporting

How many service incidents were there? How much time we spent working on it.
Solutions Overview

Secure your Data and devices with Tech Kahunas

From your website to your networks to your individual computers, Tech Kahunas protects you across your whole network and premises. For organizations you get enterprise-grade security.

System and Network Security

Firewalls, Intrusion Detection And Prevention

Business And Home Wireless Networks

Hardware And device Security

Security Monitoring and alerting

Ransomware And Malware Protection And Recovery

Data Loss Prevention And Recovery

Analytics, Compliance And Auditing

Unleash Tech Kahunas' KahunaVision Risk Assessment

C-Suite and Business Owners Guide To Cybersecurity

Download our FREE C-Suite and Business Owner's Guide to cybersecurity

Our free cybersecurity guide will tell you what the state of cybersecurity was in 2022, which companies didn’t make it, and what’s on the horizon in 2023 and beyond.

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