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What We Do

Services That Take Your Risk Down A Notch

Tech Kahunas provides IT support and managed IT services in San Diego. As an MSP, or “managed service provider,” we provide computer networking and cybersecurity services, and serve as your personal technical support contact. These services can reduce your costs and optimize your in-house operations.

Our support acts proactively, i.e., we don’t wait for a connection problem or cyberattack in order to serve you. Though we do fix your computer hardware, software, and network connection, we try to prevent problems through 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, and support. Tech Kahunas looks for ways to optimize your connection’s reliability and security.

We have different service tiers, serving either remotely or on-site. Our data center hosts your infrastructure and assets, or alternately, a third-party data center or cloud provider, both of which we can configure.

For security we run Managed Detection & Response (MDR) software agents that proactively search for, identify, and alert our Security Operations Center (SOC) to developing and ongoing threats. Our 24/7 monitoring runs on artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify potential security threats and compromises.

Our services also include:

  • Data backup and recovery
  • On-demand software and hardware support
  • Anti-malware services
  • Anti-phishing and anti-spam email services
  • Network monitoring and configuration
  • Cloud computing services, such as software-as-a-service
  • Voice over IP and mobile phone services 

Do you need 24/7 monitoring?

Do you need full IT support or a smaller set of services?

Who will be your personal, named contact at your MSP?

Do you need managed detection and response capabilities?

Do you have a ticketing system to keep track of your IT and security needs?

Does your ticketing system have quick response resolution?

Do you need compliance support, such as with FTC, HIPAA, SarBox, or SOC?


The pandemic has driven workers and offices to operate remotely; data is being lost, exposed, or destroyed; and verifying legitimate users and processes is becoming more challenging than ever before. Tech Kahunas says that without verification, there should be no connection, from anywhere, from any device, to any application, at any time.

Tech Kahunas IT services give you the right security controls for today’s diverse environments, in San Diego and beyond.

We will help you Defend Your Island.


24/7 Security & Monitoring

We do proactive monitoring of all business-critical systems.
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Analytics & Reporting

We analyze your existing IT infrastructure, implement recommended changes, and carry out ongoing reporting to ensure peak efficiency.
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We carry out proactive threat monitoring and security measures including firewalls, antivirus, and malware protection.
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We keep pace with your industry’s latest compliance regulations and ensure that your IT systems and data management are up to speed.
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Backup & Disaster Recovery

We enforce strict protocols to ensure your data and systems are secure and easily recoverable in the event of a disaster.
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We keep you up-to-date with news and alerts through our newsletters, our blog, and direct emails, for the latest tech trends and IT tips.
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 The Techie Stuff

Tech Kahunas connects you and your business

Always-on cloud solution that delivers services to any device, any time, anywhere, and only to verified users.

From your personal devices to your business. Sim swap attack protection is also included.

We segment your internal networks to stop the spread of ransomware and malicious users.

Tech Kahunas knows your compliance needs.

Tech Kahunas protects you by lowering your risk

You need our next-generation antivirus and endpoint detection.

Easily accessible security team with a named account manager. Cyber attacks, unauthorized access, and misuse of your network are in our targets 24/7.

Tech Kahunas’ security logging and security event monitoring give us an always-on eye on your technology.

 We’ll get you ready for ransomware, one of the biggest threats today, and have a plan to respond and recover if you are compromised or have another disaster.

Tech Kahunas trains you to know your cyber

Breaches are usually the result of human error. We bring administrators, managers, C-suite executives and all departments onboard with our training. We’ll put them through regular cybersecurity training, including incident response and disaster recovery drills.

Tech Kahunas also has resources like its upcoming Security Digest newsletter, up-to-date information on compliance, and a website resource section. We keep you up to speed on the important stuff.

The most basic of employee training starts with learning what is real email and what is not.

We train your workforce to know your specific company guidelines and policies.

Tech Kahunas Cyber risk assessment

Where do you stand on cyber risk Readiness?

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