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How We Do IT Support in San Diego

Securing Your Business From
Ongoing Cyberattacks And Ransomware

We Keep IT Support and Services
and Simple
> Stay On Top Of Threats
> Watch Your Data
> Review Your Risks
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Are You Prepared San Diego?
Where Do You Stand
on Cyber Risk Readiness?

See your weaknesses.
See the threats.
See the likelihood and severity of a successful attack.
Then see our recommendations for defense.

That’s your custom risk assessment.
What is My Risk?
Cybercrime statistics for small businesses

How Prepared are you For Cybercrime And Ransomware?

0 %
Of Cyber Attacks Target Small Businesses
0 %
Of Cybersecurity Breaches Are Due to Human Error
0 %
Of Confidential Files & Folders Are Properly Protected
0 %
Of Malware is Delivered Through Email
0 %
Of Small Businesses Have No Disaster Recovery Plan In Place
Network and data security

How do you want to eat your Risk?

We look at your vulnerabilities
The ones you didn’t know about–or didn’t care enough about

Cloud Apps
network and remote Security


Our analysts know what faces your organization. We choose next-gen firewalls, endpoint detection, manage computer settings, cloud login alerting, even the cyber awareness training your employees need, to help mitigate your risk.

Data Loss Prevention and Recovery


Your data is invaluable. Whether you are using it right now, sending it between employees, or have it saved somewhere, we protect your data. We use data encryption and other protections you need.

Analytics, Compliance And Auditing


If your company uses credit cards, sensitive personally identifiable data, or have other compliance requirements, you don’t want to be taken by surprise during an audit. We get you ready for all of that.

customized managed solutions

Let's take care of technology for you and your organization

Customized Action Plan

You need a customized IT strategy. We'll learn what your unique business needs through our complete technology audit.

Lasting Relationship

Your trust is paramount to our relationship. You'll stay with us when you see the difference we make.

We handle it approach

Internet Down? Printer need toner? Phone system acting up? We don't waste time with "tech talk." Your time is our time. Your problem is our problem.

Flat rate billing

Don't worry about exceeding your charges. You can see all of your costs at a fixed rate and you'll stay on top through our yearly technology re-evaluations.

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Tech Kahunas Cyber risk assessment

Where do you stand on cyber risk Readiness?

Get Tech Kahunas free ebook The Business Owner's Guide to Cybersecurity
Tech Kahunas FREE EBOOK

Get Your Copy of
The Business Owner's Guide to cybersecurity

Download Tech Kahunas’ FREE eBook The Business Owner’s Guide to Cybersecurity. Read about what the state of cybersecurity was in 2022, the companies that didn’t make it, and where the road can lead you in 2023 and beyond.

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