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Cybersecurity Recommendations Right Now

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Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has reported that significant reconnaissance is taking place on information technology and financial services companies, as well as on national defense organizations. CISA has laid out the following recommendations for security at this time of war.

Require Multi-factor authentication (MFA) – this is becoming so common today as to be a “no-brainer.” A second factor protects you if the first is compromised or fails.

Patch systems – don’t let administration of your organization’s network and computers get ahead of you. Auditing your settings and configurations can turn up needs for patches and updates.

Create multiple backups – properly-done backups can be a lifesaver and having at least three of them will set you up for success.

Change all of your passwords – this is not only a recommendation for your personal accounts. Businesses need to use different passwords for every computer, server and device, but also need to change these often.

Educate your employees – the weakest link could be the person you thought smartest in the organization. Be proactive by continually educating everyone.

Enact emergency drills / response plans – this is not only for natural disasters or fires, but every organization needs a disaster recovery plan and to test it often.

Use security tools to look for threats – be on top by using the tools the bad guys do for port scanning and vulnerabilities.

Encrypt your data – when in use, when at rest (saved) or when in motion (sending). This will serve to make theft more difficult.

Use good security software – update firewalls, access lists and anti-malware software. The basics are the best place to start.

Report any incidents to CISA at [email protected] or 888-282-0870

Tech Kahunas knows the threat landscape and can help you to get a better security posture. We know the needs of SMBs and organizations.

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Peter Bondyark and J.C. Berry
Peter Bondyark and J.C. Berry
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